Cechini water

The Cechini water sources are located in the Muszyna health resort.
There are many parks (ex. a beautiful Poprad Landscape Park) and lakes.

Extracted from a depth of about 200 m, naturally saturated with minerals most important for health - Cechini water is characterized by excellent taste and unique mineral composition. Magnesium, calcium and potassium dissolved in mineral water have a positive effect on the metabolism, they are necessary to maintain the proper functioning of the heart and the activity of the muscular and nervous system. Additionally, Cechini water is characterized by a low sodium content.

cechini mineral water


Natural composition

Cechini cares about nature, nature cares for humans. The Cechini natural mineral water has to travel underground for 250 years before reaching the source of its extraction. Due to the geological shape of Muszyna, the water flowing to the spring is saturated with unique minerals that strengthen and build the human body.


Highest quality

We take special care of the unique product. During the extraction process, we use modern, ecological solutions, thanks to which we do not lose the priceless properties of water. The laboratory and a team of experienced specialists are responsible for the highest quality confirmed by certificates.


Unique flavor

Among many waters, we are distinguished by an excellent, natural taste. Cechini Muszyna is a highly mineralized water saturated with CO2 (carbonated), the unique taste of which is created by minerals priceless for health.


Cechini Water is a natural, highly mineralized water - rich in magnesium and calcium

It is mined from deep rock layers (drilling up to 200 m) in the area of ​​the Muszyna health resort
it is distinguished by its unique taste and richness of minerals.
Saturated by nature with unique minerals - Cechini water is recommended to everyone.

Quality confirmed by certificates


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Natural mineral water from Muszyna