Extraction process

The migration of water to the intakes from which it is obtained takes about 250 years.
During this time, the natural Cechinin mineral water saturates with unique minerals. Thanks to the geological shape of the Muszyna, and the process of natural filtration - Cechini water is rich in elements such as magnesium and calcium.

A team of experienced engineers extract water from Cechini's wells, which are approximately 200 meters deep. Using modern technologies and ecological solutions - we secure the place where the water is extracted. We carried the water through a special underground pipeline to the Cechini's pump rooms and water bottling plant.

The water which goes to the bottling plant finds its place in our bottles (glass bottles or a recyclable bottles). With diligence we carry out the bottling and constantly control its quality.


How do we care for the water

Every drop is important to us in the production process. We care for the highest quality. An experienced team of specialists is responsible for the water spilling process. We constantly grow as a team, and a brand by introducing innovative and ecological solutions


Water is extracted from a depth of about 200 meters. In the bottling plant, we use modern production lines that meet the highest standards. We constantly control the quality - our laboratory operates on the premises of the production plant. We make every effort to ensure that the naturally tasty water finds its place in ecological, and glass bottles.

See the water production process

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