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Muszyna is situated at a height of approximately
450 m above sea level in the Poprad river valley, in the vicinity of the Poprad Landscape Park. There are numerous pump rooms and Cechini water springs in the picturesque spa town.

Surrounded by the mountains and green nature
- the place delights with its natural beauty.


Spa town

Muszyna has the status of a health resort. There are hotels and sanatoriums on its territory. The unusual Cechini mineral waters, extracted from the area of ​​Muszyna, supplement the mineral deficiencies. Water experts know that they can discover priceless values ​​in Muszyna.


Naturally tasty water

Thanks to the unique geology of Muszyna, the mineral waters extracted from its area are saturated with natural minerals - the best for health. Elements such as magnesium and calcium allow the human body to function. The Cechini natural mineral water is a real gift from nature.


Active recreation

Muszyna is exceptionally appreciated by athletes and everyone who appreciates the values ​​of active recreation in the bosom of nature. Bicycle routes in the Beskid Sądecki as well as numerous parks - tempt with green trees and the sound of water.

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