We are constantly introducing innovative, ecological solutions. Our bottles are 100% recyclable. We use paper labels and organic glue. There are modern production lines in Cechini water bottling company, and there is a laboratory which constantly monitors the quality of the water.




Organic glue


100% recycled bottle

Throw plastic bottles in the yellow bin

We care for nature. We know how important is recycling.
It is not difficult to start an ecological process.
You only need to throw the bottle into the yellow bin.

1. Used, plastic bottle with the cork goes to the yellow bin.

2. Plastic waste is transported to the sorting plant.

3. PET bottles are segregated in the sorting plant.

5. Properly sorted bottles go to a company which is dealing with plastic processing. The bottles are processed. During this process the granules are created. The granules are used to re-manufacture bottles.

6. A new rPET bottle is made of granules.

7. The new bottle made from recycling goes back to Cechini.

Show your strength! Crush the bottle!

Start the recycling process by throwing the plastic bottle into the yellow bin