Cechini pump rooms

There are pump rooms of Cechini natural water in Muszyna and Żegiestów Zdrój.
In the pump room, everyone can taste the water and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature.


Anna pump room in Muszyna

The pump room, whose history dates back to 1934, was built near the Muszynka stream. The water that can be tasted in the pump room has healing properties. It is rich in magnesium and calcium and recommended for various health problems. The immediate vicinity of the pump room is a town often visited by tourists. One of its attractions is the Aquavelo bicycle trail, which delights with the beauty of nature.


Józef Pump Room in Muszyna

Seasonal Józef Pump Room is located near the Szczawnik Stream, near the beautiful Baszta Spa Park. The water that can be tasted in the pump room is rich in magnesium and calcium. Often recommended for various health problems, it is appreciated by the inhabitants of Muszyna for its unique taste.


Anna Pump Room in Żegiestów Zdrój

The Anna water spring, the history of which dates back to 1846, was located behind the Spa House near the Main Pump Room. The water that everyone can taste in the pump room has healing properties. It delights with the rich composition of minerals and taste. The pump room is open all year round. Any tourist tired of a long walk through the surrounding park can rest in the pump room and taste the natural water.


Pump room in the Wiktor sanatorium, Żegiestów Zdrój

The pump room is an integral part of the "Wiktor" Sanatorium, located in the picturesque Poprad valley. Spa water is supplied to the pump room from the Zofia II borehole. Healing water, the composition of which is rich in minerals, is recommended by doctors and many specialists (nutritionists, athletes). In the Sanatorium, you can taste the mineral waters "Józef", "Stanisław", "Wiktor", "Zofia".

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