Natural healing water Zofia

Variants available:

Healing water, highly mineralized, low saturated, 5L

Natural healing water extracted from the Zofia II borehole in Żegiestów Zdrój. Highly mineralized, it contains: calcium, magnesium and bicarbonates. Naturally saturated with carbon dioxide at a concentration of 1,200 mg / l. During filling into unit packages, the water was not subjected to any additional processes.

Zofia water is recommended for the treatment:
- diseases of the digestive system (gastrology, hepatology)
- diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract (laryngology, pulmonology)
- diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract (nephrology, urology)
- rheumatological diseases (rheumatology)
- diseases of the nervous system (neurology)
- certain allergic diseases
- osteoporosis

The total mineral content: app. 1800 mg/l

the composition of the Cechini water