Cechini mineral water

Variants available:

Natural water, highly mineralized, low-saturated, 0.75L

Water extracted from the Cechini Muszyna intake in the area of ​​the Muszyna health resort. Rich in minerals such as magnesium and calcium. Cechini Muszyna sport is a natural low-carbonated mineral water, ideal for sportsmen. Mineral water perfectly refreshes, quenches thirst, adds energy and vitality. Additionally, it strengthens the body with minerals such as magnesium and calcium. It is characterized by a low sodium content. In the course of production, water was subjected to the process of aeration - partial degassing and filtration. Water low saturated with carbon dioxide - up to 1500 mg / l CO2 (low carbonated).

The total mineral content: app. 1800 mg/l

the composition of the Cechini water